Can we carry people for Gold?

I see people advertising all the time for wanting to buy Raids for their alts or Dungeons too, and they offer all types of prices.

I decided to get on my 1350 and go sell some some low iLevel raids and got paid like 1k gold for 4 bosses that took about 1 - 2 min each.

Is this type of stuff allowed since there’s no RMT or third party stuff and it’s just in-game?

And if it’s allowed can we start Boosting Guilds kinda like WoW and be dedicated to acting like a gold carry service within the premise of the game?

According to the Code of Conduct boosting isn’t allowed… But it doesn’t exactly explain what boosting is in their eyes.

But in all honesty, I would be shocked if they take action against people offering an in-game boost.


Yeah i’d honestly like to know this too.

I know a couple buddies of mine who would love to just grind out Raids for people’s alts all day, the gold is fantastic and you can easily get a lot of it depending on how fast you work through each customer.

who pays 1k gold to do a raid that takes little to no effort to begin with? crazy.

You are not breaking any rules … you are selling a service for ingame currency .

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Boosting could mean organizations made by players, spamming advertisements on multiple servers - the thing Blizzard banned from World of Warcraft recently - even it was in-game service for in-game gold.

But yeah, the wording is vague, so they can loosely mete out punishment if they feel like it.

after Asking a Amazon support member i got the answer:

As long as you do that for ingame money in the game aka Bussing for gold.

Its fine. They stillw arned us that the community might get pissed but they wont bann you for that.

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Absolutely, yes. We used to do this all the time on the other regions. All the people complaining about T1 & T2 difficulty are not a new phenomena, they were our customers in KR/RU/JP.

Bussing for gold is in a gray area.

Based on SGR standard, they consider boosting to be someone else piloting an account for money, or providing any services for money.

They did make changes to make bussing harder but they never punished anyone bussing for gold.

Now, AGS may have a different view on the subject. We will find out if this actually really becomes an issue.

Honestly, it is an ingame service for ingame gold. Seems pretty organic if you asked me and not grounds for disciplinary action, unless that gold earned is sold for money, which is a completely different discussion.

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There’s been carries in every version of the game openly, I hardly see that stopping now.

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