Can we change some stuff in this section?

We all know people were new, we all know the game is dieing… but can you please get this into the game asap so people have something to play each week…

share all items with your accounts, don’t make it bound, like money other stuf that are bound should be able to share among other accounts you have. remove the rooster stuff and make it account wide bound. Without this it demotivates players to make new accounts or to level up while they made a mistake click on release all items…

dungeons → scales with ilvl if its 1300 dungeon you are 1400, you get ilvl reduce and still get all rewards for your current tier.

raids → same story, but also if you argos didn’t clear phase 3 cause of troll people you can reque and still get rewards until you have finished all phases.

give old dungeons also hardmodes so people have challenge

pvp is unbalanced, work with your team harder to hotfix perma cc or insane damage. I’m bard player, we are fine but when you see other champs have like 10 dashes vs our 1 dash or ground dash… we share the stun rate with sorcerses lame kinda? yes.

game is dieing, as pvp you can see silver gets matched with diamond players… not funny.

get some events out that is fun to do, but stick with 2 weeks and release new event, the race was boring, you can afk still gain full points…

honing system, 1% or 5% when you start on a new piece which cost 2k to level up if not having material or 425gold for just one try and fail? maybe improve something on that, we are europe/usa not KR that have full servers.

clean bots, ask side companies to clean bots, way to remove bots is simple you can start trading while level 50 combat level. which means they have to do full 15hour run before the can do that.

people sitting in the same area to farm gold etc are easier scouted and banned by this.

just learn from other companies.