Can we change the afk penalty

So 1st off, i love the game, im hooked on it, though there are few things i dont like. For example one big thing, having to wait 8 min or so to get to server selection is bad enough to have to do it again if im afk for too long, due to afk = close game vs ANY OTHER GAME AFK = KICKED OFF SERVER!!

Please change this rule to boot off server and not close a slow launching game

This is pretty minor all things considered, but it does bug the everliving fuck out of me.

Like you said OP, literally the only game I have ever seen or at least can remember that does a complete ALT+F4 if you AFK. Super super weird…and it doesn’t even do it FOR you, it just waits till you eventually come back and click okay. It could be 3 weeks of you not sitting there with that little box open telling you the game WILL NOW TERMINATE.

Weird as fuck.

Nope, not the only game that does it. SWTOR does it but I think if is more like 10-30 minutes if you afk, and then you are kicked off the game.

You can set a maximum time of 60mins before AFK kicks in.

And that just don’t work, i have set it to 60min and got kicked out sooner than that.

I think the servers just don’t recognize that option in the game.

You should upgrade your computer if it loads the game for 8 minutes. I get that it is longer than a lot of games but I get it in with like a minute

And as others have pointed to the in-game settings for afk time, that is the time it will display on top of your character letters “away from keyboard”
The actual afk kick from the game is 30 minutes and during prime time it changes to only 15 minutes when the queues are long

The thing is that it doesn’t work, I tested it 3 times when i went for afk since I have some irl stuffs to do, all of them were 40-50 mins afk, when i came back i got kicked off the game already. Like whats the point of setting it to 60m when u get kicked for afk for 40-50 mins in ?