Can we discuss pricing structures?


This kind of pricing structure for skins isn’t healthy for the game and isn’t in consideration of players. Josh Strife on youtube calls this type of pricing in Neverwinter: “predatory cash shops
and pricing structures meant to make you spend just a little bit more to be mathematically abusive” This pricing structure is usually used by publishers that buy up dead MMO’s and make them extremely pay to win or by dead desperate MMOs.

Compare this to say Apex Legends where usually purchasing digital currency will leave you with some left over. I think it sends the wrong message to players to make them buy multiple packs to get the things they want. And let me be clear, I don’t want this skin set, I think it’s edgelord. But for those that do want it, and for skins I do want in the future, I think this is comes at the expense of the playerbase and makes many less willing to purchase it. Someone on the forums said the other day a friend loved the skin and logged in to buy it saw this pricing structure and logged out. I can’t say if this story is true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. People can tell how you’re considering them and many won’t tolerate it.

I don’t know if this is the pricing structure that was in Korea or not, but if you westernize and change the game in something couldn’t it be this instead? I don’t even think Apex is the best example because their skins are stupid expensive but they get the pricing structures right at the very least. It feels really bad to buy another mini pack to buy what you want. But it feels good to have some money left over from buying a pack. Almost no one is going to want everything but the weapon…


I posted about this in feedback 29 days ago, it’s really annoying mobile pricing structures and sucks.

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It is pretty stupid. But i just bought the omen skin off the AH lol