Can we download patch as background task a week earlier?

Could it be possible to be able to download future patch a week before the actual release as a backgroud task ?
Some of us don t have crazy internet connection and it can take a few hours to get a 15G patch on the day of release. This plus the fact that EU releases during the day time, it’s sometime not possible to download it at the release and have to wait til we get back from work which pushes the playable time late at night.

If it was possible to download it without it being active as a backgroud task, or overnight during a week end it could help being able to get into the game right as the patch releases.


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No, because they give updates on the same day.

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Your suggestion would only work if you assume that the patch is “ready to go online” a week before patchday.
It may be true, but I highly doubt it. Because the only thing we know 1 week before the patch is the actual patch date, detailed information about the patch we get one day before, if lucky maybe two, before it goes live.

For example Brel Update in December, we still don’t have any official confirmation of the date as well as the patch details, only what was hinted in the Roadmap + Academy blogpost

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why would you think that amazon have the technology to do it? xd