Can we educate them?


I swear every single chaos dungeon match has this one dude who’s allergic to move. Who are they? Where do they come from? Can we educate them? Help pls.


you need to be educated, chaos dungeon in the group? just do it solo…
there is enough groups content, and solo goes faster :slight_smile:


Mostly likely afk queuer who’s watching YouTube

Solo is so much more effective

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Unless you’re bard you should be soloing. Its like 5 minutes on any other class.

Ya have to agree. There is no reason to do those in a group,

bard is one of the most enjoyable classes in solo, you stand still and everything dies!

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chaos are more quick SOLO people who do it in groups havent understood anything in this game.

Reasons to do Chaos Dungeons at T3 as a group:

  • You get sexually aroused from being nominated MVP, most likely as a support from providing endless and totally not required healing

yeah. That’s about it.


Love the plot twist at the end. When the main character realizes he was the one that needed the education.


I went ahead and tested this running on 6 characters 1 solo and 1 matchmaking. Used 1 awaking for the 2nd phase final boss only.

Each run took on average 4-4.5 minutes regardless of solo or matchmaking. Solo ones did require the occasional f1 pot class depending.

Although it’s the forums so responses that indicate something is wrong, or get gud, or when I do it im done in 30 seconds. I can say the average player will experience on average the same time to completion regardless of matching or solo.

However, there is a chance in matching that a player can fail to move to the next step greatly increasing your completion time. In all 6 runs nobody failed to hit accept immediately.

Not wanting to fling shit at you OP but solo CD, you will save yourself from a lot of pain. CD MM is madness, a new layer of hell that we didn’t knew it existed.

Bard is slow as **** in chaos dungeons using that exact build or any for that matter.

Just how it is. Take along a friend and itll go twice as fast even with the scaling.

Just know that occasionally 4 afk queuers get into a chaos dungeon and they all just die

Use this it’s legit faster than my wardancer and competitive with my sorceress.

Sorry then you’re playing sorc entirely wrong. Probably same with wardancer.

That or you’re not running the at level chaos dungeons on bard.

I think you’re just playing bard wrong in chaos. You don’t need to group there’s tons of videos on it with less optimal builds than I gave you just now.

I didn’t say group. I said go with a friend. Singular.

I already know the chaos build. Please stop embarrassing yourself by claiming one of the worst dps classes in the game, if not the worst, is somehow just as fast as the strongest clearer in the game. It’s not true.

I have to see this fact proven out everyday because Sorc and Bard are the only two classes I’m active with.

Sorc can literally annihilate a screen of enemies with one skill. Bard doesn’t even come close to that speed.

This is just flat misinformation. You are a hostile person and unpleasant to talk to so I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy slowing down your friend in chaos dungeons instead of running solo.

I’ve actually run the times, I know that you’re wrong. By all means, piss off.