Can we expect public API anytime soon?

Basically the title.

Having the API public in KR is a huge QOL and helps players alot.

Does AGS/SG have any plans to make it public for us soon? Maybe in June roadmap or do we still need to make more noise about it.

@Roxx having some sort of update on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


Totally agree with the need for this!

I don’t see a point of Armory available for streamers only. This should be built like the Korean version, with AH and other stuff. I know this makes sense as Amazon owns Twitch and they want to promote this game as much as possible by “using” streamers. However normal player wants the addition of API to help improve game experience quality.

Not anytime soon, no.

But the request for it was already passed along.

Thats the last i heard of it.

I feel if the west had access to the api, someone would figure out a way to exploit it. Lol

Probably you don’t know what an API is, nor that orient people are as good as westerners in the aspect of exploiting and hacking.

Game will go on life support before api releases, mark my words.

Im a python dev, i work with api’s regularly. It was a joke, although not totally impossible either.

I’d love to see it released, but I’m not expecting it any time soon.

Depends on the API though, if it is readonly (which would be more than sufficient in this case), there isn’t that much potential for explotation.

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The real joke is thinking you’re a “dev” using python. Any sufficient api has measures in place to prevent this. Ideally though a public API would be readonly and reject arbitrary input, only return responses for data look up and have a separate more secure private API for transactions and other data input to be secured.

What has “using python” have to do with “being a dev”?

I am using some quite sophisticated tools written in python. Not the language I would choose to write anything, but you can build highly performant applications with it.

I agree with the rest.

I suppose you write all your code in binary, because you’re just that “hardcore” :rofl:

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I actually recall a thread about this closer to launch (they must have deleted the thread?)…

I expressed my support then, and I express my support now. Unfortunately, it appears that AGS have made it clear they don’t care for such an idea. Baffling in 2022… but here we are.

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