Can we expect server merges anytime soon?

Lots of servers were opened to allow 1 million+ players in. Now that it seems the playerbase has stabilized, are server merges something we can expect in the near future?

I’m not sure how the newer servers are, but I’d imagine population isn’t that big? I’d hate to want to do field boss or ghost ship and there’s not enough people.

I dont think server merges will be happening, ever.

Rosters have a character limit, and if users haver characters created in both servers to be merged and the sum of those characters exceeded the character limit then it would create issues.

I have heard that some servers are struggling with some events. There was another thread on this a day or 2 ago but nothing really came of it… at any rate with all the issues they’ve been having this past month I think its too soon to talk about merging servers. My advice at least as far as the ghost ships go is to do them earlier in the week. Im sure if population problems become wide spread enough they will look into this.