Can we get a better system to advise what is inapropriate?

is there a better system to advise us what is inappropriate? I’m trying to crack a joke here and I have no idea what is inappropriate with this sentence? This isn’t the first time myself and others have been frustrated by something that seems innocent and devoid of profanity.

The game kept giving me the error that this contained inappropriate words or phrases.

Context: Was on Spida island and someone said we didn’t need to mine the egg because we had enough people with the bomb barrels. I was just trying to crack a light hearted joke to pass the time.

Too many numbers. Can’t even write 1234 12334 (turtle mech) because it’s inapproriate


Thats so odd that numbers are something that can flag chat

I assume the chat engine is treating them like some kind of command-line cheat code or something you might be trying to type in. Doesn’t make sense but hey.

They also don’t want people sharing phone numbers, bank account numbers etc.

I think it must be because of this, i had problems several times with creating a kunge party inserting numbers in the title. I just ended up with the good old FPPC

Try typing “phone number” in chat XD

I think u cracked their secret code.