Can we get a better way to report bots?

I ported in to Vern and saw this, there is absolutely no way for me to report all of this with the built in system, not only does it require too many steps (Individually highlight, right click, select report, select report category, provide explanation) for each one its impossible to target entities that stack.

I know this is really bad everywhere, just go to the honing NPCs at vern or punika but it would be nice to have a way to report these bots much quicker without having to go through a whole process each time. Maybe a one button push for reporting bots or something similar. Anything that can make it easier for players to help can contribute to solving the issues with excessive bots.


Hello and welcome to the community. Thank you for being passionate about helping us reduce the bot population. I think this is a great idea!

I will forward your idea to the Development team. :slight_smile: