Can we get a Chaos Dungeon alternative or changes to them?

These things are growing quite monotonous. At least with guardian raids, the fight is more dynamic.

I’m not sure what form an alternative could take. Could be maybe we go through a Chaos version of pre-tier gear story dungeons. Could be a bunch of other things that would take more or less development time for the same end.

Additionally, Aura of Resonance could be reworked, such that we could apply the Aura to Guardian Raids and weekly dungeons and get appropriate additional rewards. We could use all of our aura in a single Chaos Dungeon and get the same rewards as two. They could get some manner of variety in content such as point defense. They could be truncated recreations of major beats from the main story quest like the Luterra siege or Borea defense. Anything to make them more interesting and to give players more options.


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CD takes 5 minutes x2
the leveling dungeons take longer and would just end up being monotonous and boring in a few days after running them every day.
CD is a brain dead activity you enter, hit some buttons mobs die, get loot all whilst watching youtube or netflix.

Thats what it use to be and everyone hated it even more.

no we cant. why? they dont do individual changes. we get warmed up patches with minor stuffs

Interesting? I just want variety, so they should consider bringing that back in some form. CD just aren’t fun because they’re mindless. Doesn’t help that over half the time the second room will spawn shit opposite sides of the map, too. If it randomized the two portals into potentially something else like truncated normal dungeons or main quest story beats along with the current iteration, that would probably be enough, and they could still take the same average 2-3 minutes per section depending on class etc.

I also still like the idea of using your aura of resonance on other content if you just can’t be arsed, or even lack the time for every alt’s dailies, and get decent bonus rewards comparable enough to typical chaos dungeon honing loot (maybe you just don’t get gear and skill transfer drops).

we don’t get to cherry pick the smilegate devs to literally code in a feature for us that wasn’t otherwise planned.

a Chaos Dungeon rework? really?

What is it with this game’s forums that they seem to breed the most mouth breathiest of mouth breathers? “Game Feedback” forums. A place for game feedback. Why is that such a hard thing to comprehend for way too many forum trolls? jfc smdh…