Can we get a marriage option?

Can we get a marriage option in the game? A lot of MMO’s have it, and I wanna marry an NPC (LOL). They’d probably make a lot of money off of it. :sweat_smile:


Alot? which one?

Not that I oppose the idea.

But I think it should happen between player though instead of npc.

We all know Blackfang will have a gazillion husbando

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I remember Lineage 2 had a marriage system between players. You would first engage and then you had to do some Quests and grind mats etc to prepare the actual wedding. You had to work for it (i don’t remember the exact details).
In the end you would get Wedding dress and suit as costume (even a weapon skins if i recall correctly) and married characters had the option to teleport to each other location (which high cooldown of course).
Sounds fun for RPers :slight_smile:

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Why not both? :smile: That way I can watch my boyfriends face as he has to marry my character instead of hot female NPC 9000! Seriously though I believe there’s a player marriage option in ESO that gave an exp boost when leveling together. I also heard there’s a system in Final Fantasy where there’s an actual wedding celebration? (Correct me if im wrong.)

As for NPC marriage I wouldn’t think it’d be that difficult since there’s already rapport systems and some kind of romance/cutscene(?) for two female NPC’s right?

p.s On a side note, it would be great if we could also have a male romance/rapport option. I know the gaming world tends to be male heavy both on a consumer and creator level. But it feels pretty insulting every time I play a game and my straight female character is forced into a bunch of quests/storylines where I’m flirting and falling “in love” with other women. On top of that there’s apparently two female rapport/love options in this game but no male?

Smilegate, straight girls game too! :heartpulse:


Actually not a bad ideea.

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Thirain or Kadan xD LOL and that’s true, poor Blackfang would never recover.


i WILL MARRIED Brelsazha, no matter


See!! I bet it would be easy for them to incorporate this into the game! And same! I main a berserker and there are no female berserkers out yet, so in order for me to marry Thirain or Kadan there would need to be some malexmale options LOL. But yes, hopefully they can implement it!

Add Thar to that list, idc how old he is I’m down.

I don’t oppose the idea on principle, but you have to understand the choice is for them to work on this feature or another feature (as in, you’re not choosing to have this or not to have this).

I don’t think this feature would make it on my priority list over the next 2-3 years.

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I agree LMAO

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That is true, you do have a point!

That sounds like fun, see that would be a cool idea to implement into this game!