Can we get a name clear now?

We are getting to that 1 year release. Most mmo, especially the ones with huge launches have a big name clearance after 6 month to a year and lost ark should be no difference. If we compare launch players to active players we are on 10% playerbase against 90% taken names then dropped game.

It really is a nightmare trying to make any sort of name in lost ark that doesn’t look ugly because you can’t even use spaces or capitals or _ or anything to make it more unique. An extremely restrictive naming filter combined with never flushing out names from a over 1 million player launch has left it in a terrible state for new players or people making alts.

I have tried bringing this up before but it just keeps getting ignored despite it being one of the easiest quality of life things to implement lol. Gl to anyone trying to make a nice name for their summoner right now anyway.


What name do you want to get?

Anything from standard game names I use to puns on summoner class name to even weeb names literally every single thing is taken. Only names that aren’t taken are combination names of a name and a word but because of the awful restrictions you can’t even space out the words or put a _ or even capital to separate them so it just looks like an ugly mush of a long word.

Honestly if they are too lazy to release names they should at least remove this useless filter to help the problem out.

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I totally agree with you, I spend 4 hours on character creation on every char, and then I am always worried about picking a name, takes me literally 1 hour between trying and all are taken, especially weeb names. It feels like these people just reserved the names and quit the game.

I would love to have a “space” included in names. It will be more immersive even and a much easier solution.

I was able to snatch the name I want only on my main character and that’s because I played 3 days earlier with the founder’s pack and created it as soon as the servers came up.

All my other characters are literally suffixed with bae.

Jdnajknnnndjh but annndhhagfffsj would do

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What you call creativity I call stupidity. Even in a game I’m not going to just flat up make up words and say that’s my name lol. Id rather use an actual name or a real thing in the world than throw random letters together. I am balrom what a great name. Not hard to do what you consider “creative” champ.

If the word doesn’t exist it has no meaning. If it has no meaning picking it as a name shows you as meaningless. What is your amazing name meant to be. A combination of tech so incredibly nerdy and some slang to finish it off tus? Sounds about as creative as sticking your birth year at the end of the name.

The fact is there are literally millions of names in use right now with counting alts and not counting bots likely 300k active names only being used. I know you don’t seem the smartest kid but try to do the maths and realise how many great names are just being wasted. It’s nothing to do with creativity at all that’s such a braindead take.

all i can say is… " hh " :rofl:

Names are meaningless by default in the West, also they tend to be unique as much as possible.
And yes, most of them are ‘made up words’.
So it seems everybody out there is stupid except you mr ‘ayayawhen’.

It looks like your discrimitive comment get removed by a mod that’s a shame. I will just save us the time and block you then. This is not a subject to argue about because you are factually wrong. It’s something literally every other mmorpg on the market does because it’s simple quality of life. The only excuse to not do it is laziness something ags has shown time and time again.

It really is no wonder everyone who was looking forward to blue protocol is upset on the internet after hearing ags is the one publishing it. Another amazing eastern game ready to get ran into the grave by the amazon special lol.

Have you tried the alt codes ÿ <example in place of a y. There are others that may work you just have to try them tell you hit one.

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Yes it’s ridiculous to get a ‘normal’ name now. Even if you flushed all inactive accounts there’d still be thousands upon thousands on alts people never really use across the entire region (not server, region).

We should be allowed spaces/last names.

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