Can we get a option to make our weapons invisible even in fight?

Like with the helmet or other stuff which you can disable…
Can we get the option too for every other piece of equipment?

Some people like me sometimes prefer to not have our giant weapons to be displayed all the time even mid fight.
In my case it depends on my outfit im wearing.
Like with the scrapper.
Amazing outfits but the weapon sometimes is just to big and kinda ruins the look.
Or gloves or aura like weapon skins…

Saw a streamer with that kinda skins like these: (yes i know its also cause of 20+ weapon upgrades)

Would be really nice to have some options.

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Second on that. As I have been informed, there is a weapon skin that’s just bracelets, which is what’s used for such lovely shots.

yeah smth like that would be awesome to have.
just got that information too that KR just got those bracelets released in their version.
but that will probably be ages away from EU/NA release.

third on that

Don’t you guys love it when your weapon is clipping right inside your brand new skin ?

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