Can we get a stop button?

Sometimes when you’re in a raid if there’s a lot of AOE (like Clown G1) there is a safe spot in the middle of all of the 20 AOE’s going on, that spot could be something like 2cm in diameter. When you’re clicking your way to safety, your mouse is basically going to be all over the screen until that 2cm diameter safe spot forms. We don’t always know exactly where the mouse is, so moving it to the safe spot could be difficult.

So a stop button to allow us to just spam when you’re in the right spot while you figure out where the mouse is.

Second reason: It can help us incorporate animation cancels. I heard for sorceress specifically, when we cast you can animation cancel the end. A korean streamer said you can use rime arrow right after casting which will kind of animation cancel, or you can use space bar. A stop button could work similar to space bar, except not waste a dodge. Of course if you mess up then it would cancel your spell just like anything else would.

But yeah the main thing is really just the keeping ur character in the same spot thing.

There just need to be a way to turn down the amount and/or intensity of visual effects. As a sorc player, I would love the option to also turn off my own skill animation.

Also I think you are misunderstanding sorc animation cancel. It’s mainly used to not get animation locked or to quick chain cast skills. It merely affects the character’s motions, the skill animation itself still happens if the skill is successfully cast. Some other classes have similar tricks to animation cancel outside of their spacebar but generally it’s used to get out of animation lock on the character. You also have some skills that gets cancelled if you just stop casting, like any combo or charging skills.

you just auto attack to stop moving

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I’m a sorc and I would also like a way to have less visual effects. For any boss that you need to read, such as clown with his weapons or whatever, it’s literally impossible.

What part of animation cancelling does it seem like I misunderstood? It shortens the animation.

Oh that’s a decent trick. Would still prefer the ability to stop though. It’d make it feel more like a moba

Maybe I’m misreading you because I thought you are talking about using animation cancel to reduce visual cluster, which animation cancel doesn’t make any difference. It’s merely used to get your character out of animation lock earlier but the skill visual effects will still happen in full.

Some raids are absolutely a nightmare for sorcs, namely argos p3, vykas g3, clown g2 and g3. Unfortunately with no option to switch off our own animation effects, it’s just something you get use to. I use the mini map a lot more often on sorc than any of my other characters to check boss/my position. Also helps a lot to learn sound cues for attacks and mechanics so you have a backup if you can’t see the visual cue.