Can we get a way to report these


I would like a way to report these so they can get remove from the find party interface:


Whisper and report, see if it works.

Nope they are not on the same server so you can’t whispe them.

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For now the link just above me is the best way to report, but we are looking to add more convenient in-game ways to help players report them as well


Sorry Roxx, but the filing of a report on your website is simply too much effort for every single bot. We are players not the police. At the very least I am not going to report them if the in-game report option doesn’t work.

Looking forward to the more convenient way to report them though.

Can you also look into a way to report auction house transactions that are obvious RMT/gold selling.

None of these gems should be placed at those prices…its obvious gold selling and RMTing here. Give us a way to flag these transactions to make it easier for your team to track down bad actors.


It’s already not worth anyone’s time to report the number of bots and advertisers in the game. I assume not many people use this report feature.

AGS could perform sting operations and “buy gold” from these people and just ban any associated traders to/from these accounts, yeah? This would require some money spent, and I’m not sure if you can actually see mail/gold traffic.

Especially listings with coded values in it, e.g. 10"321", are definitely RMT. That’s like how mafia knows who the deposit came from.

get a grip

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