Can we get an official Dev update on tradable skins or not?

Will we know before the 8th if any of the items in the founders pack will be tradable? We have heard mixed things and while other regions are tradable, we had a German dev say they weren’t and then later others have seemed to imply that they don’t know yet. It would be nice to know before launch what exactly we are spending out money on as far as the founders packs go.

Ultimately I’d love to be able to obtain 2 platinum skins but if they aren’t tradable that definitely changes how I am approaching the packs.



they have already answered this. they said anything in founders pack that are exclusive (ex; skins) will not be tradeable. so no you can not buy/sell them

Can you please link me to that post?

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i would love to but i dont have it on the fly and there is alot of posts on here to cycle through. but it was stated by roxx so you can prob up her response history

No they have not. They’ve deferred answering this question to monetization announcement, which is supposed to come this week, although it’s already Thursday.

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they have said this already you may not have seen it but yes they have.

There is literally a SINGLE instance of German CM saying none of the items will be tradeable, and when asked to confirm none of the other CMs clarified.

Again, people need to stop spreading misinformation they do not have 100% confirmation on.


SO I searched all of roxx’s post history for ‘exclusive’ and ‘trad’. The lastes post about tradability is this.

So it is indeed very fuzzy on whether it is true or not. This is also in the master FAQ another user has posted.

I’ve been on the forums for hours each day and have only got uncertainty around this question. I feel like this is a decision they should have made already and its something that should be coded in the game to the point where they can just check and answer.

It’s getting absurd at this point how long they are pushing off answering some of these questions.

I was very patient all month but now we are down to the last few days and its no longer January for the “January update”.

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okay yea i thought it was roxx but it def could have been the german response lol. sorry about the confusion but i think ags is also confused lol

Np man I know you are just trying to help. It is just very frustrating that they have a client they can jump in to test and look at this sorta thing. Them not giving a definitive answer yet to me means they haven’t made up their mind or are afraid to answer. Just tell me what I’m spending my damn money on. I don’t know why that is such a big ask.


yea im also not sure if this is a decision is an amazon one or if smilegate so it could also be a matter of them not having an answer from smilegate since they finalized the build

yeah, i can see this being a problem because there still seems to be a ton of people who are banking on the idea of selling their avatars in the future because content creators like zeals and sywo, representing their respective KR and RU regions, have said that it’s “likely” to be the case

Yeah, imagine the people who bought all 4 banking on this now having a dupe cat skin that’s useless.

well actually the pets roll random stats so could get better luck with 4 pets to be fair

You can pay a very small amount of gems to keep re-rolling the pets stats til you get what you want though.

ahh true your right i forgot about that, either way minor in the grand scheme lol. looks like it would prob suck to get stuck with that 4th pet lol

Yeah for real. I’m willing to go all in supporting this game but I sure as hell am not doing it blindly for potentially no benefit.

yea i get that, i bought both gold and plat just because i like the skins on the classes im gonna play and mainly for the crystals and consumables and to support the devs. but i understand there is still many question marks that prob should be answered.They have a livestream today in 15 minutes im sure they will answer alot there

Oh nice, I didn’t know about the livestream. Is it or somewhere else? I’m all for supporting the devs but I’d rather buy crystals out-rite if I cant get multiple plat skins.