Can we get an option to block emails from players that are not on our friends list?

Seriously, i’m tired of deleting mails from bots. Every day i receive at least 3 of them every time after i either log in, or switch my character.
It’s annoying af, because i know this will only get worse and worse. CMs said that we will get an option to report players that sends us mails, but so what? It’s not like i receive mail from same bot every time. Past 4 days i received mail from like 10 different characters.

Allow us to cut off those people on our end.
Give us an option, to keep mails: public for all, guild members/friends, friends only.

I don’t need an option to report those people in-game. I don’t want to see those mails AT ALL.

This just makes it so RMT bots will start spamming you with friend requests instead!

I am with you in that I share your frustration but there should be other measures taken such as but not limited to:

  • Limit sending mail to X letters per hour. Players using the Crystalline Aura, having a higher roster level, or paying a small amount of gold, can extend or remove this limit.
  • Allow reporting mail as fraudulent/spam/abusive/etc. such that X reported letters sent within Y hours results in suspension of mail services and possibly further investigation by moderators.
  • Allow setting up a spam filter similar to what most email clients use that take analytics of commonly reported senders/messages and flag them as spam (for bans/deletion).

Again, while I agree the mail system is being abused, RMT botters will still find ways to inject their filth text into any avenue possible (in game chat, in game mail, party finder descriptions, etc.).