Can we get any news regarding June Update?

It is 20th of June, 10days remaining and we have no clue when will it be or if it will be this month. I think even if you announce it today for the 30th it is still a short notice. (which technically is June, but it’s bullshit since it’s the literally last day of the month)

Please for the love of god make a statement already.


+1 for summer skins


It will be 23rd June, quite obviously.

Its Monday morning still, gotta wait till afternoon

WE knows 1 day pre Release Like always. But hey, Korea gets Major Update News MONTHS before anything gets released, but hey, WE Got Used to the BS they doing, right?

Actually for Valtan update we got 1 or 2 week notice which was nice. I expect the same here, but no news so far…

they delayed june update to july

Nope. It’s not obvious at all. Last few times we had major updates, we already knew when the update was coming by now.

It’s very possible to update will be pushed back to 30th of June or even July.

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Agreed ^.