Can we get better map system?

Can we get better map system, similar to cube, matchmaking, x3 times. Like T1-T2 maps are so dead you can’t find any parties and even discords nor global chats in-game helps. If you would make one system among all servers that would help with matchmaking and to get rid of space x3 would be nice as well but not necessary. Because now pepega dead content.

Suggestion: Make one gate for all players and adjust rift pieces and map drops based on item level.

Second suggestion: Matchmaking among all servers and 3x function like cube.

Additional suggestion: same as first one for ghost ship.

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no one does old content anymore, be above 1415 + content or you will have no content to play with others. Just a thing I can share.

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Just a tip of an iceberg. New content cherish old one perma dead and new players non existent.

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Nobody does those maps, do it solo. Don’t waste your time with ghost ship until you are 1415. Nowadays you are blasting so quickly through T1 and T2 there is really no point.

Machmaking is already cross-server. You can even see what server people from your group come from.

Old content will stay dead, can’t really help it without complete redesign of (at least) reward system for it.

people want to do it for gold

the shards you have to spent for a t1 or t2 map at the vendor is nothing compared to the reward you gain from them when you do it as 4 man group

like 4-5 k gold for 200 shards legi map -compared to 6k gold from south vern map for 2k shards

thats why some wanna do them

ask 3 friends to do them once a month together, thats what i do

Actually, Yorn legendary with 4x group gives around 8k gold. T2 shard pouches from 300-1k in eu central kadan.