Can we get confirmation on the Clown patch?

Are we getting Class balance or Tripod system?

Also when are we getting some badass new Armor skins? Most of the new skins sounds like someone going to go marketing or to the beach.

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gonna know the info like always either a week before patch or patch day

People said that AGS will have to let people know at least 2 weeks in advance for the tripod system, I have no clue.

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people said ags didnt say shit

AGS doesnt know they only implement the patch on their server.

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Don’t give me that, a publisher can easily ask the devs and confirm for us.

Not when the devs doesn’t know either lmao

Tripod change and Clown patch are different things. We might get them together, but it’s not a “guaranteed” thing

I know that, but thats why I’m asking. I want to know when I’m getting the buffs my class Destroyer deserves, Gravity training has been crap for a very long time already.

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Are we getting power pass? ark pass? power express?

Cannot wait to play my reworked Artillerist for first time in clown :crazy_face:

Asking for informations about what they’re doing and what we’re getting in a few weeks ? Where do you think you are ? A game where communication is good, regular and steady after 8 months ?

don’t get to much hope

Once in a blue moon we do manage to squeeze some very little information :white_flag: