Can we get some appreciation for the community managers

Seriously they work their butts off answering all these stupid questions over and over and only seemed a little annoyed. Especially Roxx, I feel like she gets blamed for a lot of choices that she cant control and some of these questions are ridiculous.
-When are we getting an injection of honing materials (LAST WEEK)
-Where are the new classes its been 1.5 months (ITS BEEN 1.5 MONTHS CHILL)

I realize some of this is upsetting like the whole Argos release but cmon lets show a little respect to the people trying to answer 1000 questions a day and pass them off to the proper channels.

Again Community Managers you are killing it, please keep it up!!

Love yall





As dissatisfied as I am with some specific things about communication it’s clearly not on the CMs, and they are fast, responsive and overall level headed. I appreciate they take repetitive questions in stride. I do appreciate them.

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agreed, there are def some issues that i have but getting angry wont fix it, they have already fixed some big issues and are know for fixing others, it will just take time

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It is their job, they get pay good money to deal with this situation. I do appreciate them just the same as I appreciate fast food workers. They are people that sign up to do a job and unfortunately on such job you will have to deal with pressure. If you have a job, you will know what I am talking about. So there, I will only go the extra mile to appreciate somebody that I know is getting screwed on their low paying job. Community managers, I am sorry, but they are not included in my list. Also guys, plz plz don’t be offended, just think, really think about your response to my post.


“they get paid to do it so it fine for people to treat them poorly” That is a shitty answer, yes their job is to deal with some shit situation but someone’s job doesn’t decide how you treat them. This post was meant for the people actually getting angry at them specifically for not fixing minor issues. Try something for me, go the extra mile to appreciate everyone in your life, it makes things alot better.


I think you’re talking about some of the extreme ppl in these cases and that’s not a fair judgement. Do I appreciate them? Sure. I do think most sane ppl that post criticism or ask questions out of frustration aren’t saying “Roxx you IDIOT! Why would YOU do that!” Just expressing our frustration and concerns to the team at large. Bottom line is the forums are never gonna be, happy go lucky. Someone will always complain about something, but I think a not of the criticisms are fair. Tho some are definitely delusional and impossible.

The CM’s are never at fault for what their company as a whole does, but that job is exactly to be the face of the company and face the consumers, especially when shit hits the fan. Can people be a bit more civil in their complaints? Definitely and they should.

Addressing what you are saying:

-The injection of materials does not fix the problem since they are not enough to offset bad RNG for many people.

-Many people have been advertised with Korean version of the game and most media is from recent builds, which have all the missing classes. Large portions of the community came to this game to play some of those classes but can’t, which is why they are voicing their complaints.

-The Roadmap is an extremely serious issue (I think it’s the worst part of the entire thing). It creates uncertainty in a game that’s very market reliant in-game. They have done (not the CM’s but the devs) a terrible job in this aspect. This is greatly enhanced with the launch of Argos, which had almost no previous notice and they just dumped the content out.

-The dead zone is not 1340-1470, it’s 1340-1370. This dead zone was manufactured by AGS with the consent of smilegate. Many of the hardmodes in KR, RU, JP were 1355 ilvl for entering, along with the Yoho guardian. They pushed the ilvl (for monetization reasons) to 1370, further increasing the void.

People are tired of AGS from other games due to their terrible history. The CM’s are facing the brunt of it, and it’s unfortunate, but it’s not the customer’s fault they are having these troubles, but the complete incompetence of the team behind them.


Yeah idk, this is kinda cringe. The CM’s definitely aren’t at fault for a lot of the issues thus far but I’ve just seen too much inaccurate information being dished to the community currently for me to be “showing appreciation”. If they’re giving inaccurate information to us then there may be inaccurate info being relayed to the dev team as well. Thus far I haven’t really seen them putting forth too much more than the bare minimum in their job description. Whoever is handling the social media should have been fired weeks ago. Late posts and little to no engagement due to lack of understanding what players want to see.


+10000 having to read responses from this forum for a living is probably removing years from their life, much respect to the CMs for managing to reply in a courteous manner to everyone all the time

If anything, I feel bad for the CM’s. They’re like the poor CVS cashier that gets full-blown Karen’d when their coupons don’t work or whatever.

I’ve been in those shoes in a different industry. I don’t envy them one bit.

I really do appreciate them, and really respect them being mostly active and engage.

Even while there’s a lot of unhappy people right now.

Fully agree with the OP!

CM seems to be a tough job specially looking at our LA community which extremely childish and toxic.

Guys just chill, if you think those CMs deserved your appreciation go for it. To me, they don’t. Simple. Imagine trying to demand appreciation for a group of people sitting on their asses to read comments (lmao) and making you believe they are doing something. Sure

They do however DESERVED RESPECT. They are humans after all.


-in the same time KR got almost 2 new classes artist and aeromancer. accelerated pace btw.
-yeah seriously where is the roadmap? its been way too long and multiple delays. there will always be some people upset no matter what they do.

Ok xD

they got “almost 2 classes in 3 months”…we got 15 on release, a few of which KR didnt even have on release.

Yeah, its hard work mentally and they are paying off the higher up’s mistakes.