Can we get some communication for EUW Region?

Not the usual “we are working on stuff” since couple of months now.

It would be nice to know on what kind of solutions you guys are working on, so we can know if we can quit already or re-adjust.

@Roxx could you please push to get some clear visions of the future for EUW? It sucks deep to be left out here in the dark.

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…and yet “the usual” is what you’re gonna get.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m with ya, as someone on EUW with several T3 chars, most of them somewhere between Valtan and Argos level, and well over a thousand hours deep, I feel ya!

I can’t get proper engravings on the lower T3 chars because our accessory market is empty.

I can’t find groups to do content with after 10pm, 11pm, because our region’s party finder is empty.

All the while the absurd levels of inflation seem to not be about to halt any time soon…

So I am absolutely with ya - but if you look back just a little bit, you will see that the entire EU region has been treated like an afterthought since launch.

Look no further than the infamous incident of a certain NAE server’s entire playerbase getting a $20 starter pack for what comes down to being a simple server outage for a couple of hours (less than 24h), while days/weeks of no-play for EUC due to the rampant queues went uncompensated.
Heck, some of the people who were promised a second Founder’s Pack, with regards to them moving to EUW back then still haven’t received those to this day.

I myself opened a ticket for a missing powerpass about 3 or 4 weeks ago (which I was told would take around 48h), and despite checking in twice on said ticket I still have not heard back from them to this day.
Not that I really give a sh*t at this point anymore because I just blew the gold on the knowledge transfer and got it done that way - but this is just another anecdote of how much your patronage means to Amazon.

And you know what, I don’t even blame Roxx or any of the other CMs; frankly I think the CM team is understaffed (most of them aren’t even from the EU let alone play here) and probably completely out of the loop half of the time, as would be par for the course in a company that cannot be bothered to deal with simple tickets within a 4-week-timeframe.

Ultimately CMs have to be the punching bags for a more or less articulate community that has to deal with the neverending frustrations caused by a company that does not give a sh*t about their customers or the products that they are handling (and consequently running into the ground).

At this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will either be forced to quit or start over on NA if I want to continue playing, given the state of our region.

Enjoy your weekend, and here’s to getting an official and satisfactory statement on the matter soon! (lol)

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They have said it multiple times by now, that they dont have the technology for transfers.

They also said that there is a cap of 16 realms per region, so they can not merge EUW into EUC, only parts of EUC into EUW.

They also said that the realms itself, do have a playercap until it becomes unstable. Therefore even with transfer technology, they would need to be very selective on who goes where and when. At KR this process is very taxing and only allows a small amount of players each window to transfer.

The outcry in EU would be massive if people cant follow their guild or friends but must wait a whole month or even longer.

The information is all there, you folks just ignore it. @Roxx and co have no other information for you, not today and most likely not tomorrow.

Maybe the Devs do work on a “connect” feature like WOW has, this however, has not been confirmed yet but is pretty much the only solution.

I feel with you guys.
Alot of us told AGS to not open a new Server wich is not bound into the existing structure.
And here we are, Players paying the prize again.
I think it might be best to reroll on euc, or stay in euw and quit someday soon :confused:

Btw, the other Post thre days ago got ignored aswell, so dont expect any news.

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Hi all,

Remember my post on this topic.

I’ve moved to EUC realizing that AGS & Smilegate will do nothing. And surprise, surprise, they are doing nothing.

If you enjoy the game, I would highly recommend to move to EUC Kadan server and start over.

It sucks, I know.

Don’t bother proving well reasoned feedback. AGS has demonstrated time and time again they are willing to completely eviscerate whatever brand trust is left (not that they have any LOL) for short-term profits at the expense of the game.

Make no mistake, the CMs are 100% lying when they say that their parent company wants this game to be good for the players. I feel bad for them, they are probably managed by some of the most incomponent people imagineable but what can you do.