Can we get some info on the express event, ie the honing level it will go up to, more than a day or two before the update?

Would really be nice to be able to prepare in advance honestly

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If its the hyper express itll take you from 1302 - 1415.

Knowing AGS and SG, I assume it will only take us to 1370.

If we’re lucky, it will go to 1415.

highly doubt we are getting a 1415 one.

Assume is 1370

lol imagine what a joke that would be, just enough to do argos but not the best content in the game. in the middle of summer too… to not have it to 1415 would be so insane but i wouldnt be surprised

1370 would be in character for AGS
1415 is what the hyper express and Punika Pass boost you too in other regions.

They would have to go out of there way to change it.