Can we get some lore themed skins?

It’s not up to me to tell others in this game how to dress. Personally I don’t like the animal skins or the nude skins or even formal skins. That’s fine.

But can we get some more regular battle themed skins? I’m still a dude playing a female reflux sorceress. I don’t really want to see things dangling from the arms while my character runs femininely. Even the Omen skin has things dangling from the arms fwiw.

Who body wear that… the edgy time was gone, i dont see a single one wear lore or edgy stuff in game anymore.

You mean like these

Looks good on warrior and mages imo

Fits their theme

Now this is a good martial artist skin but its for wardancer only when we get this skin not buying another one again

yeah i’d say that’s a very good skin that has all the weird sexual stuff people in this game like but still fits lore lol 4k+ rc skin right thurr

The last one is part of the Elgacian Ark Pass we will get it regardless xD

Sadly koreans dont like these skins, only bras and pants.

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