Can we get some transparency please [about reduce shop prices for LA servers]

thanks <3

Reiterating, every other game company already does this in SA, it’s common practice around here, to localize prices because we have the numbers to create more profit when prices are lower.

Can you give me a name of a MMORPG where SA users get a localized pricing on an in-game currency (not the premium subscription or account-bound items that you cannot trade)? I’m actually interested in learning this topic.

im not from SA but i support giving them reasonable prices

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Well I do support giving them localized pricing on a reasonable items, but like I said above, giving them lower price on tradeable items can ruin their economy really badly. It will create even greater problem, and region-locking the server is not a solution to this as long as VPN exists.

I think you pointed out real concerns and problems with game systems that call for change as they could cause the problems you mentioned.

I don’t think anyone suggested just changing the prices blindly.

The point is that a large amount of costumers don’t have a product to buy right now, really.

Atm SA Lost Ark is Pay to Homeless.

Maybe they really should rethink some of the interactions between itens and the game economy.

I just want to buy some skins and look cool, is that really too much to ask?

Won’t people abuse the currency by setting their steam location in country like Brezil/Argentina & get away with dirt cheap items ? I remember people doing that to buy games on the PS stores back in the day

thanks for this <3

there isn’t reasons for do that if the prices are lock in to the servers. This price is just for that specific server. Someone from america wouldn’t want to play with brazilians, with the chat entirely in portuguese and its ping with 500ms above. This actually work for new world, league of legends, final fantasy online, I can cite a list of games where prices are regional, and this is only beneficial to the community.

@Kkoogit and just to remind you, ‘new world’ is also from amazon and they managed to regionalize prices. I don’t know if it’s the same team taking care of both games, but if it’s different teams they can ask them for help on how they did it.

Haven’t played New World, but as far as I know, they only sell cosmetics that cannot be sold in-game. Was there something else that I missed?

Tried to search on this topic, but New World in-game market is already dead :joy:

And what does this have to do with pricing the amounts charged?

Because all I’ve been talking about is localizing the price on tradeable items can ruin your game economy.

If Lost Ark decide to localize the price for Crystaline aura and other non-tradeable items, I wouldn’t worry and even encourage/support as well.

I don’t know where you want to go. but as I said there are several games where prices are regional, and there are methods to prevent people from cheating this system. It is much fairer for people to be able to pay the correspondent where they live. If you don’t agree, fine. :slight_smile:

That’s why I keep asking for examples if there was a game with localized pricing on tradeable items, because I am really curious about it. I want Lost Ark to be successful in all regions, and ruining the in-game economy is the easiest way to ruin the game itself.

Never said I don’t agree with localized pricing :confused:

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I really hope that regionalize prices, I want to be able to pay for a fair price. Until they say this is impossible, I will continue to question about this.

just a question.

Do you think it’s cool and fair that only rich people can buy things honestly in the game?

while others use third-party sellers to buy gold, which is illegal?

That’s what ruins the economy. The amount of bots in the game, at least on our server, and third-party sales and gold sites as they cannot honestly buy for the value the game offers is enormous. If you think we currently have no economy issues in the game you are dead wrong.

RMT is something that is already considered seriously by the developers, so I wouldnt comment on it.

And no, it’s unfair and I still do want to learn why SA have such problem in the economy, why it is not reflected in the currency exchange rates. If it has to do income polarization, then I would say it has to be address by the government, not the game.

Why do you think expressing a concern means that I am disagree with you?

I didn’t understand until now why you try to justify and put obstacles for this to happen. You’re working on something that won’t even affect you. Thank you very much for your effort. :joy:


Stop looking at things only at your own perspective, and look at it more widely. This is a global game, and everyone in the region can play it. The developers must consider every aspect of things before they apply such big changes, and a single concern that I made would be a tiny bit of the real problems out there.

They would have been glad to your point on this issue, because you are the user on the side of the problem. However, it seems you don’t have one, and you were literally just begging without real explanation. It’s disappointing.