Can we have 1 chaos dungeon and 1 guardian raid instead of 2 please?

First off, I am not a day 1 player. I started the game on July. Currently I have 2 characters at 1520 and the rest 4 alts at 1445 and one at 1415 which I have ignored for months now.
By far the most boring thing for me to do while playing this game is chaos dungeons. ( Atleast guardian raids are kinda fun even just for dmg output check xD )

On my main it is quite easy since it ends really fast, but on the other main it isn’t since its a bard.
But the most annoying ones are the lower ilvl ones.

One might say “its just 5 minutes each, just do it quick”, but seeing how it takes so much time to find and get into lobbies for legion raids ( thanks to and support drought too ), us not being able to stay in lobby while doing chaos dungeons and needing to stay AFK or just staring at the screen for minutes or even hours on end ( brel g4 prog lobby waiting on EUC was pain )…it made me rethink my life choices.
Perhaps I could have utilized those hours in a better way.

So, yeah, decreasing the number of chaos dungeons and guardian raids by half ( 1 instead of 2 ), while doubling the drop for the single entry instead would be so much better and save everyone so much time and hassle.
( and then we would utilize that time to search lobbies for hours on end instead ) :slight_smile:


Well you can do 2 chaos and 2 guardians per day in KR. So that’s how the game is!

You can do less guardians. Or none. And only chaos as rested.

Bards can plow chaos. Prelude of Death with the corpse explode tripod, charm set.

But you can do only 1 chaos/1 guardian a day already. No one is forcing you do 2x :woman_shrugging:t2:

Korea would riot. We’re never going to get anything which makes our version less time consuming then theirs. The game is designed to be a chore with an option to pay if you value your time more then the weight of your wallet :man_shrugging:


I would for one would love the changes, however they will never change this ever because it will affect how long people are in game and people spending less time in game equals less income, that’s not to take into account people who would rather leave the game instead.

I enjoy and play this game constantly, but I also acknowledge that the best descison I/you could ever make would be to just play something else because if like myself you fomo, it’s only going to get worse as we get more content, the Korean player base have been asking for the same thing you have and get turned down.

This game is run by community mods, there is very little they can actually change with the game themselves regardless of how they may feel about it because that isn’t their job role.

The forum as far as complaints go is a giant echo chamber and your suggestions no matter how good they may be will always be met with 100 Devils advocates.

Taiwan seems to be taking note of the state of the west in general with their delays.


people in KR are also heavily asking for 1 chaos dungeon a day

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Its silly that the least time consuming feature is beeing fried here.
I say reduce weekly Legion Raids limit.
Its most time consuming content.

With brel raid its 11 gates of raids (12 if you skip Valtan) per character per week.
I know people who have 6 brel ready characters. Thats 66 gates per week in total.
Its crazy.
Chaos dungeons is just a puddle in a sea of water.

I would love a chaos dungeon with a guardian boss at the end of the fight.

Gold River already said HE, yes HE, would be upset if dailies got cut down. That already paints the entire picture.

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They already said no to this. They want the players to play more not less, doesn’t even matter if they burn out


Yes I have been doing that for the past 6 months T_T

Hmmmm I will look into it further o7

been 3 weeks all my alts and main didnt do chaos xD

I was on the lostark discord and got told the same thing and then some other person sent this video timestamp ( 1 ).
I watched the video and realized he had already pointed out the same thing too. ( 2 ).

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Well, I guess it is what it is.

Yes I do get a lot of FOMO in this game too. But yet i decide to take things a bit slow.
Seeing all my friends rush to grind and complete the same raids 69x times instead of taking it a bit slow and enjoying the raid properly together once itself is quite sad.

And the 100 Devils advocates line was a good one I give you that. Commended xD.
I was directed to this video by Stoopzz titled “Dear Lost Ark & Smilegate…” and it made me realize that he mentions similar points too and despite that if there isn’t anything that will be done, then I have no hope either.

I might as well just play to have fun no matter how much it feels like a second job at times.

Its rare to read a well thought-out comment like this one of yours. Thank you.

T_T I guess it isn’t gonna happen any time soon. More grinding incoming.

Well, yea T_T

:frowning: That’s sad.