Can we have a new talk? Stop this failing system

I know mods here arent responsible for the bugs, but they are responsible in passing along our voice to the devs and decision makers.
So today I go in chaos dungeon and i finally get a red portal. 2 seconds in and the game freezes. I close the game using task manager and log back in quickly and the game gets stuck on full loading screen of chaos dungeon till the game closes by itself. I log back in again and im tped to the city i was in. I heard talks about an aura of resonance being given as compensation and that is not even close enough. The amount of gold and mats that is lost is more than 1 or 2 aura potions. I also had an issue 1 month+ ago where the random server crash happened when i was in Gesbroy with a 300 gold buff to get my mokokos and i lost that buff. I came to state the problem here and on AGS support and got no reply from here and only got a “we’ll pass it to the devs” from AGS and nothing after.
Im pretty sure you have noticed that the game keeps losing more and more players with each major bug due to their frustrations and lack of equal compensation. I personally am 1 major annoying bug away from quitting too. So can we stop with the major update each month thing?? like lets be real, the only reason you do that is to keep whales interested and spending to stay ahead of the curve, but im sure you got more than the money you wanted from prelaunch from the packs being in the top 5 sellers in Steam. Platinum being no1 and Elden Ring no2 and rest is LA packs. So can we stop milking off people and giving urselves more time for a much more polished patches (make it every 2 months instead) and giving the players more time to get alts up to speed/get collectibles/take some time off the game vacation wise, etc. At least before the game becomes empty and only whales left in it. Then they will leave too cause they wont have ppl to whale on. Up to AGS if they want to proceed to kill another game. Ngl from now on, i wont go into any game that has AGS working on it

I feel it’s important to note that Smilegate is the one developing the game and addressing any bugs that appear. AGS are responsible for publishing, localisations and maybe some QA

im pretty sure AGS has some hand in developing. Otherwise, we would have to go through Smilegate support instead of AGS. Both of em are working on it for sure. Difference is though, I never experienced the drastic issues on the RU servers like I have on the Western servers

AGS actually has nothing to do with the actual development of the game. They are only concerned with the servers, localisation and QA testing of the builds. The builds are all handed over from SGS. This has been made abundantly clear by the community managers. All grievances here are passed on to the SGS team for fixes