Can we have an official statement or promise that T3 Content Difficulty won't be touched?

He’s talking about nerfs to KR.

I’m strictly referencing nerfs that we on EU/NA are getting that KR isn’t.

Just for reference, KR has no plans on rolling out the patch that we’re seeing so the nerfs to T1 and T2 aren’t happening on KR. There is already disparity between the two game versions in which one is easier than the other.

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The T3 content is already heavily nerfed just because of the items you can obtain from Oreha hard mode. Also, I’m hearing a lot of rumours that Argos will now be 3x 1370 instances, rather than 1370->1385->1400.

There is no need to nerf them on Korea, although it’s likely they’ll get it anyway since it’s neat to have a shared code base from a programming perspective.

They start at T3. They have a 40% damage reduction buff until the 1400’s gear score. Of course they wouldn’t struggle on any T1/T2 content with that.

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I think we’re in agreement here that the games should have no disparity.

No disparity between KR and NA/EU.

That should be all that matters, the nerfs to raids right now are absolutely irrelevant. But if one-shot mechanics on KR get turned into “deal high-damage”(which gets negated by swiping for higher ilevel) I can’t possibly keep playing the game.

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Absolutely. :slight_smile: The path to get to the same place will be a bit different because of our late release, but if that kind of nerfs would come to T3 endgame content in NA/EU only, that would be a big problem.

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how about all conent wont be touched?
Why cant we just have the same thing as in KR / RU …
Why the GR even got a buff before release for our version?

I dont get it.


The guardian raids aren’t buffed compared to KR/RU, they have the same amount of HP.


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Thats funny, AGS ltierally said they buffed them

I don’t see any patch notes or CM posts to support that, but the proof speaks for itself.

  • Balance tweaks for pacing of the game
    • Another huge point of feedback that we received during the Closed Beta Test was that many players felt like some of the game’s pacing and gearing was not quite challenging enough. We’ve worked to make balance changes to combat this, and while it won’t slow you down early on, the endgame content will prove to be a bit more challenging for players.

This was in reaction on forums where ppl cried game was too easy - mainly guardian raids - go on forums and check posts around december / january in feedback / general discussion

Ah yes, a vague paragraph that doesn’t specifically detail what they changed. That definitely proves your point.

Might not want to make a habit of misusing the word “literally” if you can’t provide a proper source.

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Dec '21

Hey folks, I appreciate the thoughtful discussion and feedback above, will share your input with the team on this topic. Thanks!

“I’ve heard that Guardian Raids used to be more difficult before they got nerfed and I believe it would be better to go back and release them in their more difficult state for launch, as otherwise many players will breeze through lvl 50 and not feel challenged enough, which may contribute to increased player exodus shortly after launch.”

Do u want exact numbers? ask AGS…

Changes nothing, all they did was pass along feedback. They didn’t say what they changed. What part of that are you not getting?

I get the connection you’re trying to make, but where does it say that they buffed guardian raids?

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so tell me - with all this fuzz on forums about it - if they actually didnt buff them - wouldnt they just say so?

Do you actually believe that they didnt change it since community wanned it and they put that into patch notes?
You see it now… when community didnt liked it - they change it - so why would you assume they wouldnt do it before?

Do you belive casuals are targeting you with propaganda or something?

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LOL no, that’s hilarious though. Misinformation spreads so fast and correcting it is so hard.

Is this your first MMO? Community managers don’t have all the answers and cannot guarantee that feedback is implemented. Being a CM implies that there’s some PR work involved. Choosing not to directly address an issue is not the same as confirming it to be true. If feedback is acted on, there’s no way to tell what was changed without documentation. The documentation you provided did little but reference “feedback,” but that doesn’t narrow it down at all.

To answer your question, yes, I don’t believe they buffed guardian raids.

The changes we’re seeing now are the result of them reacting to player statistics. Had they reacted to player feedback as well, the nerfs wouldn’t be this harsh. I don’t agree with their timing or their choice of changes, though.

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No i play mmos for 15 years started on L2 where i eventualy ran private server with 500 ppl.

exactly this: Being a CM implies that there’s some PR work involved.

They wont tell you they made a mistake by buffing it, or create more flame on forums, IMO you wouldnt believe how much stuff devs do and dont tell you about it…

If you want something hard then figure out something in rl, do this, produce, get applause that you are skilled in something meaningfull instead of spending 400h already in a game that launch month ago. You should not even talk about that you waste so much time, just pathetic.

If you want something easy gor play something else.

The difference in your argument the game was already difficult and we want to keep that level.

Your argument is to change it from its difficulty and make it easier.

People who like the state of the game where it is shouldnt have to leave for people who want it to change.


Your post is littered with subjectivity that I think you should delete it.