Can we have another Mage class, not a Gunner?

This post is to make the devs aware that we want classes faster and we don’t want another Gunner. I play with 11 other friends and they all completely agreed that there are already 4 Gunner classes.
We need Arcana x Summoner released, not Scouter, not anything else. We need Mages.
If you say it’s fair to have Scouter, you are not right because there is basically only 1 class Mage which is Sorceress, Bard is just a healer.
Release Arcana!!!


As someone who loves to play mages I agree with this. I forced myself to roll a glaivier alt just to do the express pass for the reward chest but it was a chore. I understand there may be a release order precedent but magic dealing classes seem woefully limited compared to martial arts for example. I’d happily settle for summoner/arcana/artist just for more magic options


Hopefully next in line is Arcana or Summoner. We have enough of other type classes already. At least for the first month after Destroyer.

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I’d like to see the class that uses the paint brushes. What a great idea!





Sounds like bait but sure.

By this logic specalist has 0 classes in game, it’s fair to say artist should be released first.

After this specialist will have 1 class, that is a support, which means it’s totally fair to release aeromancer first, then you can have your mages.

Not everyone wants what you want, start by accepting that some ppl couldn’t care less about casters/mages etc, if you wanna go by popularity system then Scouter/Artist would win still.

AGS will do what AGS wants.


The sorc only has probably more players than all gunners together. You can ask whatever you want just don’t say “we”.

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I need my arcana :frowning:

She is correct fully stating “we” multiple people feel the same way. All of you who say we don’t need Summoner or Arcana are biased and rude. We DO NOT need another gunner or any other type of class other than mages right now.


Artist is coming last get over it


I literally ask so many people who dont play Lost ARK Actually and When I go through the class roster, the same question always pops up “Why is there only 2 mages?” Even people who DONT play Lost Ark sees theres a problem!

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I’m sure they are aware :slight_smile: (There’s like a continuous thread dedicated to provide his/her point about how bitterly unfair it is if summoner isn’t released first whilst invalidating supports in many ways lmfao).

My copium disappeared as soon as Roxx made it clear older classes will be released first without including the word “changes is possible” - but she didn’t say they would be released in order. But my best bet would be summoner, if not Arcana.

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id like to have a Warlock that would be nice


Nah, I’d rather have Scouter. There’s only 1 transformation class in the game currently, while there’s plenty of ranged DPS options like arcana/summoner.


Summoning Arcana, we already got shafted so I expect OG classes first than Scouter or Reaper.


Are you dull? Is arcana and summoner out? NO Hence why we are begging for them. Yes scouter is amazing, BUT THERE IS 4 GUNNERS OUT. There is 2 mages 1 of which is a support! NONE of the gunners are supports. Like hello

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Only 2 assassins as well so…

But is Scouter out though?

Scouter plays nothing like the other gunners, so that’s a strange line of thought.

Roxx has previously alluded to Summoner being held back due to changes related to other regions, so it’s probably getting a rework. Which makes sense, because currently it just feels like a lamer version of Sorceress, and not like an actual summoner class.

Arcana will probably be unpopular here, just like in KR, due to being reliant on RNG to pull the right cards, and being fairly difficult to play optimally.

If we’re going strictly by popularity, Scouter and Artist would be up next after Glaivier, going by the previous Forum/Reddit polls.


How ever you want to twist this around; it’s a matter of player’s preference on a class; not a matter of “balancing the types of class”…
People want to have their main, they want to get their class; we get it.
But in terms of popularity; scouter is next (putting artist aside because we know it wont happen).
Even if it hurts me that my class isn’t out yet; I have to respect Glaivier being released first as it is the most popular class by far. And I think pairing the next most popular class with another is a good strat.