Can we have large size updates shipped part-by-part on weekly basis?

Hey there!

Pretty much the title. When glavier+valtan update dropped we needed to download a 30gb worth of game files if I remember correctly. Now download speed-wise it’s not a problem for me to have updates this big, they download rather quickly. My problem is the size of my SSD. My maximum capacity is 200gb, I have about 55gb of free space left. It seems that the steam update system works in a way that all files that are to be replaced are redownloaded and then they replace files in your folders. So that 30gb download barely increased the size of files on my computer.

This poses a problem where you might run out of space on your device just to download the update itself. While still having the capacity to store the game after update, you will not have the storage space to get the update. This happened to me while still playing Payday 2 where there was a 60gb update file. The game itself after update would fit on my SSD but it couldn’t fit both update files + game files.

Could we have it set up this way that update files will be shipped part by part each week instead of one hughe update file whenever bigger content drops?

This will also allow people to get into the game faster on big weeks if they are limited by their download speed.
Let me know your thoughts,

Only a 200GB SSD in 2022? Do you even gamer? You can hold like 4 decent graphic quality games lol.