Can we have more content please?

So I have finished everything from this patch, even Valtan HM which some group carried me. however there is nothing else to do. I wish if they released extra 500 mokokos for farming

Vykass in 3 weeks
Go hone to 1460 and get 5x3 with all level 5 tripods and level 9 gems so you can get carried in a pug again


So you have collected all momoko seed and mastered PvP with top ranking and able to clear all PVE content ?

Are you online like 24 x 30 ?and have a servant tending your every need ?

For the past 3 months I have only played 540 hours and already felt like this game is so addictive and so Vast

that it had consumed my life

I have suffered sleep deprivation / lost my sex drive / often starved myself because I don’t even want to get up and cook /

sometimes I even hold off on going to the bathroom for my bowel movement I feel like I’m disgusting

This is the first game make me realize it’s too fun and addictive ever since 20 years ago I am hooked to Everquest 1 when I was a 10 year old kid

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+1 for respect

Me on a good day to be honest

Jesus christ go do something else. You dont need to play this game 20 hours a day non-stop for 4 months straight. Play something else. Go outside. Do literally anything.

I know peeps with 1.5k+ hours and they still arent high enough to do Valtan Hard, and thats already palying basically 12 hours a day, Im scared to know how much you have played with that context.

the game has a option to whale, but the whales are pretty dumb & quick to realize that there is nothing waiting for them at max lvl except horizontal content.

and if your don’t wanna do horizontal content then this game aint for you and your fat fishy friends. and need to go play something else between patches

it’s a little sad that those are even considered content in a video game.

We need more instrument skins, the content that matters. ty