Can we have more pvp?

Hello, the real end game of a mmorpg is pvp but having only small arenas and a couple of game types can be too few.
I think it will be awesome to have more, like World of Warcraft’s battlegrounds, with many objectives in a vast area, or other forms like capture the flag or King of the Hill and maybe a full giant open pvp map as it is Guild Wars 2 WvW.

Lost Ark endgame isn’t PvP. But it’s a niche in itself.

Ranked comes out soon. Then there’s GvG and other time-limited events to be released too.

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Don’t quote me, but I recall reading or hearing about how SG is working on an open world PvP zone in KR.

Im assuming if it goes well there, it will make its way here as well eventually.

I think we’re getting some type of battleground and 1v1. Saw a Korean vid on it

There will always be lack of content in end game pve. PvP is endless cause it’s not scripted. But it can be boring if it does not have enough modalities

Pretty sure this isn’t going to be equalised though. So just like the Islands we have now.

I have no idea. It might, it might not.

Seriously, pvp, who the hell care about that?
Cmon ppl be serious

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Ahahah such a poor revenge

Coop pvp is basically battlegrounds but it gets old after the 2nd game. Kinda fun when it’s not a 5v6 with supports on 1 team

I been loving it on SS, 80% WR with like 18 games lol. SS really shines in it XD.

I can see why… W/R is irrelevant since half my games some nerd alt f4s out the gate and the other team has a support self absorbing the entire team all game anyways. Still a fun mode though

I don’t know which MMORPGs you have been playing, but at least with the modern ones PvP is always just a secondary feature. When the real endgame is PVE. There are few MMORPGs where PvP is actually the endgame like Albion and EVE. But those are incredibly niche games.

But I do agree with you, this game need more PvP in general. It needs a fun form of PvP. They are going to add the PvP continent which hopefully gives that open world PvP feeling for people.

Hopefully it’s scaled otherwise it’s going to fail XD

Because of the coop battle we see they do have an ability to make fun alternate PvP maps and modes. I don’t know why they don’t have more. It’d be great to play capture the flag or base capture like arathi basin.