Can we have slayer in april?

Title since artist was brought forward. Can we also have our character release earlier?

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No since there is still Aeromancer before Slayer

Backproblems will have to wait a while


Slayer confirmed in April……2024

June - Aeromancer
September - Slayer
December - Soul Eater

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Slayer literally just was released while Artist been waiting since game came out last year in February, stay waiting like we have been for a whole year.

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Now this is greed.

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Can we have free market for legit players please?

I knew there would be unappreciative posts like this lol

I mean this is a 2nd time they brought forward a character release since the game came out. 1st it was glavier now it is artist.

and I want waffles with chocolate and strawberries

3 if you count summoner.

bruh dont cut queue…

Aeromancer first :'c

I want Slayer asap but y’all are being cringe at this point lmao

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Agree, can we just skip the child classes and have some real classes, please?

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Slayer in feb please

I would skip Slayer since we already have Zerker. Just identify your Zerk as a woman and you have free Slayer ahead of others.

Don’t know if they’d do specialist back to back… guess we will see