Can we have something like this? Thank you

Character profile

not sure what it is, cant read korean~

be specific

All we need is api where you can inspect characters and download the pictures of the skills and maybe some item descriptions.

Like every developer can make the website itself as long as have access to playerbase information (usually with api key with some limits ofc).

it’s fan supported created, not original from content creators

I agree, but apart from that the EU/NA website looks very poorly tho, like they way it is designed. Personally, I think Lost Ark onstove site is way better designed with much more information about ongoing events and patches. I have probably opened a few couple times because there is nothing there, its just blend. Also, the ingame events feature which KR/RU/JP has it is very intuitive and easy to access for players, not having to ALT TAB and search for stuff. Anyways, thanks for the answer.

I meant the armory that it is shown plus the design of the website. Easy access and better information.