Can we have two accounts?

I was wondering if we are able to have two accounts to farm on,
e.g having my main, and then another steam which will be on the same region and sending the materials over to my main character.

I do not know if this is allowed so I wish for some clarification. To add, would sending the gold be ok as well? / if not buying materials and sending them?

If not, that’s obviously fine and I appreciate the quick response.

No. :wink: :wink:

No, but you can play on another server (of the same region) :slight_smile:

yesnomaybe? actually we’ll get back to you on that.

Yes no maybe someday possibly never absolutely not.

I would like to have 100 accounts and each account make gold and send all these gold to one account. Please please?

Yes no maybe, i don’t know, can you repeat the question

2 no.
But u can have a bot farm and do whatever you want without a Ban.


made me laugh, xd

there’s been much discussion on this topic.

As far as I can tell, there is no actual rule against this in any way, shape or form.

Playing the account simultaneously using multiboxing (aka automating a 2nd account to the same inputs as you play the 1st) - is definitely illegal, do not do this. Playing them at the same time manually, no issue.

Transferring gold or mats can be done via personal trading or mail, nothing illegal here either.

It is also ok to have a 2nd roster on the same account as your first, the only issue is that now you have to use the AH to transfer gold over and we have one errant CM post from ages ago that says this is an unintended use of the AH and is illegal. That’s clearly insanity, but it has been said so take it into consideration at least.

Both of these methods (alt accounts, alt rosters) are used extensively in Korea, and have been publically acknowledged by Smilegate in their region. I doubt there will be any real issues with it here.

P.S. probably don’t mail or AH yourself a billion gold at a time, you may trigger an automatic flag or something despite not being illegal.

Truthfully the honest answer to this is unless you act real sketch with either accounts you are like to never ever run into problems with this.

I’ve run multiple accounts in lots of past MMOs, it’s nice to have a second account online that’s crafting or doing some odd chores, or a support type class to have on follow when doing some basic content. I don’t in LA because I simply do not hate myself that much and outside of just cheesing the 6 character limit I don’t see much need.

The mental pain of running two accounts though, that lasts forever.

This is not true at all.

It has been stated multiple times even by CMs that having 2 Accounts is not allowed, also trading between 2 accounts of the same person is not allowed. Using the Auction House to trade between 2 accounts of the same person can lead to a ban!

  • having two accounts is not illegal
  • mailing yourself gold, also not illegal
  • moving gold between servers to yourself, not illegal.

As I mentioned above, the only real issue you could have is getting accidentally flagged when you’re moving gold around. Do so sensibly.