Can we hide ship skins please?

I know this isn’t high priority, but this also probably wouldn’t be a hard to implement thing. But can we please get a check box or something so we can choose to hide our ship skin? Like 9/10 players ships all look the same and i personally find it very boring / stagnant. I would prefer to just see the default ships that everyone is sailing. Just an idea.


I have refused to get a ship skin like Hermada because it’s the best skin according to the meta and the most popular ship look on the seas. I would love to be able to use the stats from the skin without changing my ship look from the original.

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Thank you for the suggestion and feedback, Kikokuma.

Also welcome to the forum community Fiddi!

Before I send your suggestion to the development team, I have one question.

How would this positively impact your game experience while adventuring in Arkesia?

Looking forward to your reply!

One word: Diversity. If everyone looks the same then it takes the enjoyment out of Content. Or heck if you personally just look the same in game 24/7 it gets boring. Gotta change it up every now and then. But currently you have to take the whole skin off and lose actual bonuses. That makes it not worth it.
Also Hardworking artists made multiple ship skins + different looks for those skins depending on it’s level. And we’re somehow ok with just covering all that up and having everyone look the same? I find that sad.

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Thank you for the additional feedback, I make no promises that this will be implemented, but I’ll forward it over to the development team for review.

There was a bunch of art work and hours that went into the non-store ship skins. I would like to enjoy the visual of the intended ship, with the inclusion of the benefits of a paid ship skin. Those benefits range from resurrecting from the dead, automatically claiming salvage, getting a free ship boost, storm and dead water resistances and more I may have missed. The ship in the basic skin takes a lot of work to level it up from level 1 to 10, as well as some ships like Astray having a very unique look that is removed when a ship skin is applied. It would be a lot more fun if I could hide the paid skin and I would purchase a skin for my account for the sailing benefits.

wonder if they got the messege

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I saw another thread that got waaaay more traction than this one pop up on the forums just a couple days ago. Was saying the exact same thing i did, But all the extra attention makes me think they are getting the feedback. Just depends on what they do with it. :person_shrugging:

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