Can we increase the amount of tokens we get for participating in the water event?

This is not a complaint just a suggestion for improvement.

So far the event is moderately fun, way better than the last one. What is slightly annoying is how meagre the awards are given this event happens on a two hour basis. In order for you to get a little more tokens to buy a lot of things at once, you have to get a placement in the shooting game. It can be a little frustrating to try hard in this just to get a little more tokens, like how participating only gives you 50 tokens if you don’t get any placement.

My suggestion is that increase the participation rewards by 150, meaning we get 200 tokens by just playing the shooting game. Third place gets 400, second 600 and first 800.


Don’t we already get a generous amount from just playing the game? I have 4.2k and it’s been like 1 day? so by the end of the week, I’ll have like 25k-30k? Who knows maybe this isn’t a lot since I haven’t bought anything from the shop yet.

How many alts did you run through dailies for that? Also technically it’s been 2 days.

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You also get coins by doing Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raids. 50 coins for every run with no rest and 100 with rested bonus. If I do Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids every day on 6 of my T3 characters I’ll get 1200 coins per day not even stepping into the island.

The only way you’d get a meaningful amount from the game is if your side wins and you’re on the leaderboard. I think your side winning gives like a 150 coin bonus.

If your side loses and you’re not on the leaderboard (like top 5), I think you get like 50 coins which is hardly “generous”.

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I did the event one time and my team lost. I was 2nd place and got 190.

Like I said you’re better off just doing daily Chaos and Guardians and you’ll make a lot more. I don’t even wanna go to that island cause the event is boring and unrewarding. Chicken gave a whopping 1000 coins every HOUR. This event gives 50 - 200 every 2 HOURS. Go figure.

Hell at this point even Heartfelt Island was better event when it comes to getting coins after the update that reduced dailies to 30s. I just did daily quests there on 6 characters and got 1800 coins daily by doing basically nothing.

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I’m going to agree with OP here. I just got 50 tokens for playing the minigame, which is pretty demotivating. The event is pretty lengthy so of course playing alts becomes more efficient at that point. But we really should be more respectful of not only player’s time but the designers who created the minigame right? Was the naruni derby and chicken event really that bad for business? Oh well, another skiparoo I guess. The water park was actually kinda cool and the arena kinda fun. Even if they were to change the payout later, first impressions are kind of important. Just ask Dancer Rekiel.

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Waterpark was also the biggest FPS killer. On the first one after the patch I had the same FPS that I do with zone full of people during Thunderwing.

simple answer, no

First off they should want the event to be rewarding enough that people want to play it.

As far as i can see winning is random, there is little to no skill involved on a battlefield that small.

There is no need to reward winners with 5 times as many tokens. It’s only supposed to be a fun event.

All players get 200 with top players getting 25,50,100 more would be fine. That way it is not a total waste of time.

Getting tokens from cd/guardian is nice but when doing those beats the actual event hands down something is wrong.

I think their current logic is something like: the event reward is so small and the top 3 reward so high that people will try to win and participate. But really what players do is min/max and realise the time is not worth it


With playing the Game he is talking about the usual daylie stuff…