Can we know the launch date of vykes

it is annoying to have to wait to end of the week less than 24hrs to know if the patch going live or not
can we please at least know in advance !? couple of days

is the patch this week or not !
we want to know early


We’ll likely find out this upcoming week. Wednesday at the latest (basically a day before reset).

Patience is the hidden virtue in Lost Ark.

my point is if they already know they shouldn’t hide the info till last day
it is annoying


They likely don’t know either, hence why it’s best not to say when we’re getting Vykas until they are 100% certain the update is ready to go.

Thats why they wait till 24 hours.

those things already decided when the amazon team met smile gate. .
and the reason they wait till 24hrs is hype marketing etc nothing more

You can’t possibly know that.

It’s going to be on a Thursday.


Its either the 23rd or the 30th. :person_shrugging: Or 7, 14, 21, or 28 if they delay it to July XD.


well it wont be said untill tonight atleast so like for another 6-7hours since they havent started working yet.

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i know this for fact dear :smiley:

They are waiting for the bots to come back and catch up.

Wouldnt want them complaining that the game is p2w after all.

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The Patch Notes are usually released 12-13hrs before the weekly reset. When most of the EU folks are asleep.

People want to plan. Finding a working day and time for 8 players, when you have to expect the raid to take a couple of hours due to it’s difficulty - on just 12hrs notice is very uncomfortable.


People lose patience when some1 tells them they will know something weeks ahead of time and yet that never happens.


all true <3

they are just making sure the update will work fine and wont crash the game. Same reason why they almost had to delay Glaivier, they found technical issues and ofc wanted to fix them. It caused a big shitstorm and thats also the reason why they wont announce big updates so early again, not before making sure the update will work 100% without issues.

yea like they’re going to do that after how you goobers reacted when it didnt come out on the day it was never even confirmed to come out on

They won’t give you a date.
You know competence is not a thing here, they can’t give a date cause they might mess up with stuff right before the patch gets released. This happened so many times that they don’t dare to give exact dates anymore.

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Then they shouldnt tell you over and over again that you will know stuff “weeks ahead of time” when they actually never deliver :slight_smile:

you guys talk about the issue like it is indie game studio
they should know by name time frame for everything and they already planed the roadmap with smile gate

Wait, are you telling me AGS is not a small indie company?
The more you know.