Can we know the launch date of vykes

what they KNOW is that its coming in june they have to wait for smilegate to send them the final patch which they have stated on the forums “comes in hot and we have to move as we get it”

today is a Federal holiday so they might not be working today

And they say ppl from south spain are always on holidays… jesus

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You don’t, cupcake.

Smilezon is allowed to make changes to future updates as necessary. We’ve already seen this in the past.

I get that, but shit happens and sometimes updates need to be delayed for various reasons.

It happens in every MMO.

As I said, shit happens. The size of the studio is not relevant.

Not really. It’s pretty standard in the industry actually. It’s best to not announce an update till the last day in case that update has issues they are still trying to fix.

Some of ya’ll are just impatient and fail to realize the people pushing the updates are only human.

Get a grip.

The 32nd of June.

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We’ll provide an update with more information this week, appreciate the patience.


Please tell your superiors, that the community would like to know before Wednesday 10pm CET :+1:


lmao so June 30th, got it.


Hmm doesnt sound like this week to me then i guess.


starting to believe they will shift june update to july and july to august


can we stop getting surprise updates and get real, clear communication? people want to plan times with their static and telling us literally the day before isn’t helpful.


probably they took the entire month just to fix the cursor bug, that would be fucking hilarious as the “june update”



Don’t you think the playerbase has been patient with AGS for for the last couple of weeks with regards to this issue?


Please directly say if its not coming this week, people are here know that . Last time we asked you said “mid-june mid-june mid-june” . We only wanted to know that we get that on that week or not. Your doing it again after we are about end your “mid-june”. So just tell this week coming or not. You know it. Thanks. Sorry im not in patience now.


Didn’t they already apologized for this kind of behaviour? I mean letting us in the dark until the last minute, not communicating, building up our our frustration day after day.
I have some kind of a deja vue, not you guys?


Can you please confirm whether it’s not coming this week?

Im not blaming rox, but she always apologize and say ty for the patience when people not in patience. We don’t need an apology. Give the correct info then its over. Idc if its not coming this week. But stay knowing that can be this week so annoying. They don’t understand that.

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They dont have a clue. But you dont use the phrasing of “info this week”, when there are only 48 hours until patch notes release. Expect it on the 30th at this point.

Given the fact they love to say “we listen to our playerbase” when in fact they don’t, imagine when they say “sorry and thank you for your patience”.
Stop being gullible people !