Can we know the launch date of vykes

Its whykiss

Smilegate took 3 updates to fix a clock issue (daylight savings time)…none of this is a surprise to me anymore. They are so amateur it’s baffling. They should be embarrassed.


cauz it’s fixed ?

Hey, clock on EU isnt fixed. Think dey didnt even attempt


Omg! That’s actually really sad/embarrassing. Smilegate keeps missing internal deadlines, they are clearly in over their heads.

Maybe the writing is in the wall. These issues are systemic, and will likely will never go away.

First time someone called me a corpo white knight, seems weird when i throw a lot of s**t at them usually.
AGS have a lot of issues, even highlighted that in my post as communication need to improve. Maybe try to focus on the most important in this topic, update delays are SG fault and ppl should throw rocks on amazon for that particular issue.
It was obvious that this patch will be late as SG prepare for summer (big time for LA) and new LOA. SG is also known for delays even in KR. So yes, im 100% certain that delay is SG fault. Stupid and uneffective marketing? That one is AGS sin, without a doubt

So what you’re saying is it makes no sense to shit on “smilezon” in this case? when they clearly were aiming for the 16th based on all the context and shit they said. And they continue to not tell us anything or communicate anything unless we complain on the forums. I think anyone with a brain can see we have all right to be upset and criticize the way they communicate and release updates.

It Kinda does lmao, They have waaaaaaaaayyyy less excuses then a indie developer, way more resources, professional team, funding, A LITERALLY KR VERSION THATS YEARS AHEAD TO COPY AND PASTE. Its sad how this company is doing things.

Idk man, they communicated pretty strongly with Valtan and made a announcement a week before and was on time and it was very positively received if they just communicated way before the fucking reset it would be more positively received(EVEN IF ITS DELAYED, PEOPLE JUST WANNA KNOW).

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Valtan was delayed at least a week, same issues as we are having now: Smilegate can’t get a build ready, and Amazon can’t give us any info because they don’t even have a date themselves.

IIRC they even almost pulled the plug in the last day, but we’re able to figure it out.

Smilegate is operating like a bunch of high-school coders, waiting til the last minute and can’t get anything done on time. I feel bad for AGS having to deal with these kind of developers. Everybody is mad at you for something that isn’t even your fault.

for valtan they where on internal phases to finish then discovered a issue so they delayed 2 day before he should come to us or 1 day dont exaclty remember

prob the 30th

Does AGS even care about improving it’s non-existent toilet reputation at this point?


yes it is one of the only places for ppl to come here too complain, but thats the point. forums exist as a place for people to vent.

not too for you to get big changes. they will listen to the feedback but they take it with a grain of salt.

If you can’t say 30 June, this means is not June anymore. It’s July :sweat_smile:

Why would they? People still buy their stuff and got trained to expect the worst. Seems like a good business to me.

How is it nonsense wanting to have information about a major uptade for a game people are playing everyday since release? You say its nonsense but dont say why it is, because its obviously not.

How stupid you have to be to dont take in consideration the size of the company in this case? They have way more resources, way more people, way more structure, way more reference (and BY THE WAY, the game already exists) than the majority of the industry. The LEAST we can have is precise information.

So, your genius logic is that, IF they had explained the situation to the comunity the comunity would be more upset than if they had hide it all and tell us in the last fkn minute? Wow dude LMAO. Thats really good logic, Einstein!

Dude, how you can not expect people to complain on the forum? You think youre on disneyland? Wake up, dude.

Yeah, another incredible sugestion! Dont give a shit about what the playerbase is concerned about, just tell them to do other things and leave the game. Wow, you should work with them, thats such a good idea! LMAO

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At this point I hope they ran into a huge problem and the game just dies. AGS trash.

Because shit happens that is not always in Smilezons control.

Look, you can’t possible know what’s going on behind the scenes, so why even try to pretend otherwise? You just end up looking like another whiny kid.

Except they do tell us, you just don’t like what they are telling us. Which is fine, you’re allowed to not like what we are being told, but to lie and claim they’re not telling us anything is not okay.

I never said you can’t complain and be critical.

Just use logic when actually doing it.

Not really. For the umpteenth time, somethings happen that just end up out of their control. Regardless of the size of the company, they are still only human. You’re expecting perfection based on the size of the company; that is unrealistic.

Things were different before Valtan. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but they’ve been communicating with us that they are hitting bots really hard the past week. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are likely still putting a lot of effort into botters and RMTers. You shouldn’t need them to come out and directly say that in order to understand what’s going on; just use your head and actually pay attention.

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please can we have some info ? what is going on man

No info, they just gonna release the patch along with the update.
Looks at these malding andies man :joy: Quite entertaining.

@Roxx why is the communication with AGS so shady? The company should hire better Project Managers. Seems like the team is always falling behind the schedule, or failling to achiev things that were previously planned.