Can we make ability stones tradeable when cut?

I don’t mind failing on my gear cuz after a while you can get it up its just a matter of playing alot. But with my ability stone on 1385 i’ve been trying to get a 6-6 for like 20 stones now and i am just getting super unlucky i’ve wasted 200 + pheons on this progress. Now i gotta make gold that is super hard currently only way is with abysal and selling your mats. Then convert them to 100 crystals and buy 10 pheons and get 1 more attempt on trying to get a 6-6.

I wasted 7 stones and gave up, no chance for 6+6. Easier to buy one good accessory or +12 books.

I got 12+ grudge + igniter engraving already. I am trying to make 6+6 cursed doll / all-out-attack for my mage then on my accessor i get 3+ of both to get 4 engraving to 4. But i’ve been super unlucky.

I read somewhere it’s like 14% for 6+6 with legendary stone.

I’m a paladin and I best I managed to get was 8+4 expert/heavy armor.

Funnily enough I’ve got 6+6 epic stone with spirit absorption and adrenaline for my solo build and only +2 negative nodes.

Honestly not worth wasting gold and pheons, 3x3 engravings are plenty for current content.