Can we make this the standard play come Valtan time

this will make valtan groups have a much easier time, specially when most people are going to have to pug.
I have linked the video with the timestamp of the cheese play to skip the orb mechanic


why not just do the mechanic and use thirain get it over with quicker

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because pugs? Trying to do the mechanic properly for a bit of damage sounds like disaster

thirain is a lot more than bit of dmg if you haven’t experienced legion raids yet
thirain helps a wiped raid with just one alive beat the raid actually pretty powerful and quicker
getting over with a simple mech actually might be a better way to help the raid out with less time dodging basic mechs

youre telling me pugs are gonna be able to do the mechanic, and the mechanic happens twice by the way, i actually played in RU and i can tell you people still fail this

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I prefer to be a couple more minutes punching the boss than wipe 10+ times until all in the group learn how to do the mechanics without doing dumb mistakes …

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Any NA West players here? I’m looking for a static.

exactly what im saying, and i can tell you pugging this will be hell, people dont even know 4x3 is on the clock

its not some rocket sience although i find 1=12 2=3 3=6 4=9 aka 1N 2E 3S 4W more intuitive personally
im not getting why ppls try to force 3 systems for same thing
like 4x3
or worst of them all imo 1N 2S 3E 4W

lets make a pool, decide with majority and go with one system to avoid confusion in long run
my wote go for 4x3-3 :stuck_out_tongue:

If on each run leaders want different systems ~20% of my focus is going on that instead of fight :slight_smile:

yeah i dont think you have enough experience with pugs, or you consider yourself to be such a good player, but the reality is you will wipe many times doing it properly with pugs, will be hard to find 7 other capable players

im puging valtan for 5 weeks :slight_smile:
2 weeks from it through MM (1 got dc and lost a try, once successful)
on third week through MM, 2 days straight before i lost it and resigned of MM :slight_smile:
i have seen plenty of sometimes crazy things so i can imagine
(if you think lvl 1 grudge + lvl 1 cursed doll on one character is meme i have some screens to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

although its not that hard in the end, there are like 2-3 important mechs and avoiding rest more or less flashy things in somewhat decent group (having supports) is just an bonus

That’s a nice “cheese”
Will definitely use it

The problem with doing it the normal way is that the last two players (if going clockwise from the top) taking the orbs have a really hard time seeing when its supposed to be their turn because of the bad camera angle (can’t see well south of you)

Very bad designed mechanic tbh just for that reason

yeah but using this cheese will avoid possible wipes when most important, a wipe mechanic

im gonna bump this because people need to see this

pugs full of 1340+ can’t even do Gate of Paradise abyssal dungeons consistently lol


thats what im saying lol, i remember wiping on the brelshaza first dungeon, which is very similar mechanic, for hours cuz pugs did not understand you had to impair after taking the sword

You just look under the health bar of the enemy, it counts for you.

thats different

i miss the first 2 week doing that with punch of 960-980 guys for hours and manage to clear it lol

Facts LOL and this is a T2 dungeon. but gate is even easier mechanic of round the clock orbs