Can we make this the standard play come Valtan time

yeah so i do think this strategy will work for 90% of pugs, as realistically only 1 guy has to know it, everybody else can just not know the mechanic and just head down to 6 and ez clap

Can we make this the standard play come Valtan time

You know, I’m doing a lot of parties since I like playing multiple character I have currently 3 alts at 1385 that are doing P2 Argos every weeks.

There is one thing that I hate the most, is when people (like you, no offense) come into my party with their “standards”, don’t read what the instruction I give, do the “standard” thing they use to do which go in contradiction with my instruction sometimes, and then complain and blame me and others for not doing the standard thing.

So I definitely agree with you that such cheese are good but you should always listen to your party leader and follow his instruction. If your party leader tell you to do the mechanics, try your best to do the mechanic.

I am pretty sure the 6 o’clock (or South for my friends who never saw a clock) will be the standard, the same way that not attacking Argos currently is and no one question it.

That’s exactly what I’m reffering too when I say that I give instruction and people don’t read / don’t follow and then blame me for not doing the standards.

If you go into a party with me, I can assure you that I won’t stop doing damage to Argos after he do the x3 mechanic. I will first tell your (multiple time) that we are not stopping damage, then I will ping you to attack the boss during the encounter, reminder in chat that you must hit the boss, and yet people will still not attack the boss and die, killing their all party with theim.

If you want to play with me you gotta listen to my instruction and not blindly follow a “standard cheese”. I keep seeing people that stick to the bot-left / bot-right tiles during Argos mini-pizza after 2 MONTHS of Argos. This is very common pattern mechanics that will come back in other shape with later raids and you won’t be able to cheese it this time. Takes litterally 1 or 2 try to figure out how it works. If you have not been able to figure out how Argos mini-pizza works, or how you should deal with Valtan orbs, you don’t deserve to kill these boss tbh.

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I appreciate the offer to play with you but I will pass, thanks tho.

I hate this. Had an overzealous guy once, made him Dark but nobody knew the proper mechanic so they just continued to run around like chickens.

I mean

I catch the irony dude, but it’s generic for every party leader you go with. People need to stop doing what they want and listen to their party leader.

Gonna use the normal strat, but I also play with friends and guildmates so i suppose it’s quite a different scenario compared to Partyfinder/PUGs.

a little offense, i never even played with you, and i never pugged anything in NA because i know how pugs were in RU, so hence why i recommend this

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