Can we not have Glaiviers in ranked pvp?

for at least 1 month … ban that class from ranked. make ppl test it somewhere else

Why? if they want to tank their MMR they can lol. Next its going to be im stuck in bronze cause of glaiviers.

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Because they can’t even find their buttons.

I played Glavier whole day yesterday but in normal. I would never go in ranked with champion i barerly know and destroy the game for 2 other people. In LoL when they realese new champion it can be played in ranked, but people usually ban it. We just don’t have ban system :slight_smile:

bro we need that so bad i would just ban pallys and bards they make uneven matches

What is a glaivier?

Would you rather have me instead? I just flat out suck at pvp. I have a 27% win rate over 50 gsmes on deathblade. 34% over 120 ish as deadeye and around 36% over 40 as paladin. Lol…

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As long as you have fun i will gladly have you in my team buddy