Can we not lock servers mid day for NA East when people are working?

Locking servers in the middle of the NA East work day is a really shitty thing to do. Loads of people now just got locked out of playing with friends because you closed it before majority of NA East are off work.

Why was Avesta added to the “Full” servers with queue when there hasnt been a single queue on the server since early access launch and at worst it was a 3 minute queue. How many servers were locked before anyone had a chance to login for first time during early access, really really poor choice to do.

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I was wondering the same… why Avesta lol ? Its full of french anyway.

I have the same problem and I feel just as Indignant, I spent $100 on a Platium package for nothing, not even being able to create a character and be able to play with my friends