Can we Play on EU and US East?

I have friends that will be on EU and some on US East. Will it be possible for me to play on EU at times and US East at others?

If you mean with the same characters, that’s a no.
With the same account? I honestly don’t know. According to the info that was given to us, you’ll be able to select your region, so maybe it would be possible to switch and play on both regions. But again, even if that’s possible you’d have to play with new characters.

@Roxx is it possible to play on different regions with the same account? Can you clarify? (Sorry for tagging, I know you’re extremely busy)

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Thank you! I assumed I would need different characters on each like Diablo, but I’ve been unable to dig up if I can use the same account. We all want to play together regardless so it may be a matter of finding where the ping isn’t too bad for all of us.

Yeah, like I said I have no idea how the region selection is going to work. Our version of the game is very different from all other regions on that regard, specially since we’re using Steam.
Hopefully a CM can help you there. If not, at least tomorrow by this time someone will probably have tried it and will know the answer.

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I can’t speak for the moderators but given the fact that using a VPN has been banned in the terms of service to access lost ark in other regions for those regions who do not have lost ark, one could reasonably assume that cross region is probably allowed within north america, south america, and europe, but not interchangeably so between NA, SA and EU.

So if you live in the east coast and want to live with west coast ping times I’m sure you can do that. But I doubt they will allow the region selector to let you into the EU servers, or SA servers for example if you are an NA player.

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