Can we PLEASE for the love of god fix PvP?

If you’re gonna offer rewards for MMR, it has to be fair. What the fuck is this. This makes me want to throw the game out, how are we supposed to climb like this


Edit: We each lost 12 MMR.

PvP MMR is a hot mess. PvP tokens are bugged. PvP GvG islands don’t work.

Seems like anything related to PvP they don’t even care to fix. But they’ll slap on a random 5 hour maintenance within a couple days to fix the dash on a mount. :thinking:

Imagine thinking spontaneous RNG extra maintenance isn’t part of the overall RNG of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

thought this was a PVE game ???

PVP was sabotaged to promote pve. 2 weeks of busted coin rewards led to pvpers not getting the full juice from the vendor. I demand a compensation

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as it is right now, you need more luck than actual skill to climb in pvp due to this matchmaking

amen to that

no chaos dungeon first with the secreat area . it’s doesnt bleed gold anymmore as usual

Yeah. Atleast they gave compensation… 2 weeks later lol