Can we please get official word on the lack of 32:9

There are quite a few of us who have larger resolutions that lost ark limits. 5120x1440 is a common resolution and is supported by lost ark however because the game is capped at 21:9 there are black bars on the side on the screen because we need 32:9

and amazon has said nothing.


I have literally never heard about this “common” resolution. Is this a troll post?
Even 21:9 is just ridiculous but at least this one pops up quite a bit.


Hey man, 32:9 offers a wider fov and no chance we get that in LA. Thats the reason we wont get it, not many are using 32:9


It’s not supported in any other region so it’s no surprise is not supported here either. That’s probably because it’s not a common resolution like you claim. You’re just seeking attention for the sake of it. Please stop, and if you’re going to find something else to complain about, make sure it’s an issue actually worth complaining about.

Edit: Your so-called common resolution is so common, in fact, that it falls under the “other” category on here: Steam Hardware & Software Survey All “other” resolutions combined total less than 2.5%, so I wouldn’t call that particularly common. Just figured I’d share some actual data with you so you can see what it looks like when you base your views on facts instead of feelings.


5120x1440 is a common resolution for 32:9. You guys need to learn to read lmao.


Shure but 32:9 is not a common form factor in any game. Commonly they are used to emulate two 16:9 monitors with no space between them.
So you have to deal with your black bars.


the only games to not have 32:9 are console port games. Every single mmorpg has 32:9. And every game built for PC first has 32:9

There’s no excuse to not have it in lost ark. And if it didnt have anti cheat you can easily hex edit the .exe to allow 32:9 like how we have to do for console ported games.


Saying a resolution is common for 32:9 means nothing when 32:9 isn’t common to begin with. 21:9 already offers enough of an advantage that they have a force 21:9 option. There is no chance they will give you your 32:9.


i dont understand why people always act like this is some kind of troll…

yes some of us have monitors that are 32:9 / 5120 x 1440

and like 95% of games have support for it, it’s not even that weird of a thing… you probably havent heard about it alot because we dont run into a lot of issues generally and generally don’t have to deal with black bars like another user said. a few games have had black bars for cutscenes but then in game full screen no drama i’ve been using ultra wides for about 8 years now wouldnt go back


95% of games have support for 32:9? Do you have data for that 'cause I know that’s certainly not true. 21:9? Yes, that’s becoming normalized but not 32:9. Someone linked a steam stats page with resolutions and I’ll copy/paste it below as well. Note, Steam stats have this resolution mixed in with “others” at barely 2%. That’s not enough of a technical issue to warrant an uproar - which is exactly why the game (and many many others) were programmed as such. Of course, the Steam page doesn’t show the games that are CAPABLE of the resolution but what people are CHOOSING to play at.

To your other point, people probably haven’t heard of issues because the population with such problems is near non-existent and the ones that DO have the monitors are playing games that actually support that resolution. The general populace isn’t buying a 32:9 monitor to play solitaire, Hades, or Planet Coaster.

Steam resolutions as of January 2022.


What data do I need.

I play almost everything that comes on the market excluding Indy games there is only a few of those I get here and there and never had an issue.

I play all games at 5120 x 1440 and have come across 2 that didn’t support it at first but added it

One was soul worker can’t even remember the other game

Also it’s all anecdotal, steams platform that their user base of players their games are always in the top 5 of concurrent players their games are also super old and optimised to shit on 1920 x 1080….

The amount of people running 27” 1440p monitors now etc… is huge the ultra wide market is smaller of course but I honestly don’t find these stats fully representative of pc gaming as a whole…. Even in my gamer circle of like 60 people I regularly communicate with nearly everyone has moved away from 1920 x 1080.

It’s definitely a metric but I think it’s skewed


“I play” doesn’t mean everyone else, or any other portion of people, do the same.

You stated 95% of games support 32:9. That’s incorrect (and by a very large margin). What you MEANT to say was that 95% of the games YOU PLAY support that resolution. That’s a huge difference from making such a general statement of “95% of all games”.

You were trying to make a counter-point to someone but only used your own experiences as a substitute for everybody else’s. That’s flawed logic.


You edited your post as I was typing mine so I’ll adjust as well.

Again, we have “your gaming circle of 60 people”. So we’re back to talking about YOUR experiences, not a global one (which I linked, by the way). Nobody’s talking about 1080p resolution so I’m unsure why that comes up at all unless you’re saying the Steam statistics are wrong but YOU’RE right? Surely that’s not what you’re saying, right??

Oh my.

Well, as for giving you titles, I don’t have to. YOU’RE the one who said 95% of all games support 32:9. For kicks though, I’ll give you the new popular hot with all the kiddos - “Vampire Survivors”. That’s one (and a weird one at that) and I can give plenty more - even some AAA titles as well, but that’s not the point of the thread.

I made a point and backed it up by company metrics which you specifically cited as “incorrect” because it negates your argument.

I’m going to bed. Have a good one.

Oh, by the way, I have 32:9 monitor and one 21:9 (vertical), so I have a first-hand understanding of both sides of this argument. :wink: G’night.


Show me these games I can’t play on my resolution with then?

The amount of users using 1080p doesn’t dictate games don’t release with support for higher resolutions…


Yeah, never even heard of vampire survivors, but from some quick google searches it’s clear that it’s a design choice not to support the resolution. when a developer specifically decides to exclude certain resolutions thats completely supporting it. they don’t even want 3440 x 1440

Hades another one of your examples, quick search they aren’t supporting ultra wide because of their graphics style being hand painted and doesn’t scale well.

Like i’ve said, it’s not something that needs to be supported, it’s something that is intentionally disabled by developer choice.

but you’re wrong about AAA games, show me one in the last 2 years i couldn’t play on 5120 x 1440

Edit - also i never said their metrics were incorrect, stop putting words into my mouth to try and validate yourself. I said their metrics are skewed because the biggest games on their platform as represented by concurrent players are heavily optimised for and have playerbases of people who will not use anything besides 1080p for those games.

I don’t understand why your opinion is more valid because you have the exact same monitor setup as i do

Asus PG348Q and Samsung Odyssey G9…

Welcome to the club i guess

Also i don’t expect they will add it, but it would be nice, even if they restrict it in pvp situations for fairness.


I’ll say it again. All games are built for 32:9 unless it comes from console first.

and even the console ported games are easily hex edited and made into 32:9 within 5mins, I do it all the time.

I would do it with lost ark, but it has anti-cheat and will not allow a custom .exe


I am not sure that I can provide much additional value here; it is correct that we do not have 32:9 support implemented currently, though we do support a 21:9 aspect ratio.


Right? Feels like such a waste of screen real estate.

Right what we’re asking is, if you could possibly pass on to the powers that be if they could consider adding 32:9 and just putting a restriction on it in pvp situations… that would be amazing!

Can always be passed on, but with head start tomorrow it won’t be on the table for launch of course


Oh of course, i have very realistic expectations of how these things go… i wouldn’t expect it to happen before launch!