Can we please get our own avatars for the forum?

Hey Team,

nothing special but would be cool if we could use our own Avatars OR some Important chars out of the game like the Legion raid bosses.

but for real there are 3 Kinds of Pictures

U have the old Jederico there but u changed him basicaly


Or they are simply pictures of things that no one can recognize.

Or just a motif like a simple horse and then 3 different zoom perspectives.

So please put in some meaningful and important characters and in a way that you can recognize them.
(with important i dont mean just a sand golem. Important for the Story!)

Thank you for the attention

best regards


that be nice. similar to the way ffxiv does their forum’s avatars

It’s hilarious how terrible the westernized Jedericho model looks in-game compared to the changed artwork you put. It’s even funnier that the boss rush model is the original Jedericho model without the glued-on beard.